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Hello all,

Still no gigs involving a full Wino complement but Neil will be venturing out upon his lonesome at the Bishop’s Stortford Community & Sports Club on Saturday 18th September. He will be playing a variety of Wino songs as well as some that may date back further than that and a couple or three distinctive cover versions too. Your support would be more than welcome. Super welcome, not to put too fine a point on it.

With any luck, there may be some more news in the not too distant future. Meanwhile,

Stay tuned for more rock n’ roll


What’s going on?

Well now, the truth is that not an awful lot has been going on recently. That probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Also, we’re not entirely sure what happens next as far as the band is concerned. It is most likely that the first forays back out into the world of live music will be made by members individually.

Neil may head out with an acoustic guitar and a mixture of Wino tunes, old tunes and cover versions.

Sammy will be drumming with his other project, Jimmy Regal and the Royals, including an appearance at the Red Rooster festival in August, so you should check them out as they’re a damned fine hard rockin’ blues trio.

As for us, well writing has been going on, not all of which has been howling angrily at various government representatives. Neil has also built up an extensive repertoire of acoustic cover versions. Some – distinctly unsuitable…..

Right, once we know more, you will know more. In the meantime…

Stay tuned for more rock ‘n’ roll