Neil Gowans & The Winos (Re)-Born 2015

Under a bad sign, in a crossfire hurricane, by the river, to be wild, under a wandering star, with a smile on my face, etc. 
25% English 25% Scottish 25% Welsh 25% Australian


Neil Gowans & The Winos used to be Cardinal Wino but in 2015 Jonny left, we were defrocked and  a change of drummer necessitated a change of name. They are a four–piece rock ‘n’ roll band in a fairly unashamedly and unapologetically old-fashioned way. They play tuneful, countrified rock ‘n’ roll full of twanging romanticism, a soupcon of soul and a generous dollop of new wave attitude.

If you were looking for some influences to hang around their necks, you might want to look at Nick Lowe, Johnny Cash, Teenage Fanclub, The Clash, Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, Edwyn Collins, both the Elvises (Elvi?) and a smidgeon of Northern Soul as well as a whole bunch of others from whom they are perfectly happy to glean untold inspiration.

They are:

Neil Gowans – Vocals & rhythm guitar

James Richards – Lead guitar and vocals

Up until April 2019 Jon Heal – Bass guitar & vocals – we’re on the look out for a new bass player

Sammy Samuels – The drums

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