Over the hill with……

the swords of a thousand men….

Neil will be playing (Sans Winos) at the Kevolution at the Hertford Club on Thursday 4th August from 7.30pm

Acoustically mixing up originals, covers and some new tunes yet to be Winoficated.

& then…..

Neil Gowans & The Winos will be returning to the stage in Hertford for Rock at the Castle 

It will be a fine afternoon. Old Wino Sammy is standing in for holidaying Harry and James will be making a reappearance on guitar for that added sparkle.  

Who? Neil Gowans & The Winos 

What? A gig 

When? Sunday 7th August from Midday (We’re on at 12.30) 

Where? Hertford Castle

Why? Hear our roar, hear our sound

& finally 

How much? Absolutely nothing – though a charitable donation to East and North Herts Hospitals is highly recommended

Stay tuned for more rock ‘n’ roll 

Yours Aye & Elvisly Yours


Rock at the Castle

We’re first up on the main stage at this year’s Rock at the Castle at 12.30. I expect they needed a big ol’ noise to wake everybody up. It should be a fab day.

Unfortunately, Harry will be away on his holidays so the always wonderful former Wino, Sammy, is going to step in to beat the bongos on this occasion.

It would be just marvellous to see y’all there.

Stay tuned for more rock ‘n’ roll.

Yours Aye and Elvisly Yours,


School’s Out

We’re all going on a summer holiday. Well, Harry and Tim are so on August 4th, Neil will be left upon his lonesome to do a Kevolution at the Hertford Club along with The Exaggerator.

Here are some details

It’ll be fun doing some choice covers and maybe a couple of new ones, yet to be Wino-d

Stay tuned for more rock ‘n’ roll,

Yours Aye and Elvisly Yours


Bastille Day

Well, you can bump and grind, it is good for your mind
Well, you can twist and shout, let it all hang out

But you won’t fool the children of the revolution

Anyway – 14th July marks the next outing for The Winos so it would be just marvellous to see y’all at the Corn Exchange in Hertford. Not sure who’s playing alongside us yet and still to confirm whether we will have James with us but it will be unfeasibly groovy, whatever happens. Meanwhile here’s us doing a Raindance at the Bish Bash

Stay tuned for more rock ‘n’ roll

Yours Aye and Elvisly Yours


And then there were four

We had a lovely rehearsal last night, reintroducing James and the sparkly fairy dust that is his guitar playing to the fold. He’s gonna be on board as and when he can be in future – so sometimes we’ll be 3 and sometimes 4 but we will always be groovy. James will be with us for the Bish Bash so make sure y’all get there in time cos we’re on at 1pm…Saturday 4th.

Stay tuned for more rock ‘n’ roll


Here Comes Our Man

Our next appearance will be at the Bish Bash on 4th June which should be a whole heap of fun.

Also, too and as well, we’re kinda hoping that as long as we can get the timings sorted, we’ll have James back on board to sprinkle the rock ‘n’ roll fairy dust that is his guitar playing all over the wonderful world of Wino. Fingers crossed.

Tickets here

Stay tuned for more rock ‘n’ roll


We mean it man

After a couple of really enjoyable gigs at The Hertford Corn Exchange (one of which raised £393 for the Warchild Ukraine appeal) our next (planned) appearance will be at this year’s Bishop’s Stortford Music Festival. There are some great acts playing, including EMF, The Boo Radleys and a whole bunch of others too numerous to mention. Bish Bash Bosh!

We’re up on Saturday June 4th on the main stage at around 1pm, so come on along.

Stay tuned for more rock ‘n’ roll


It’s your money I’m after, Baby!

We’ve been asked to play a fundraiser at the Hertford Corn Exchange and we were more than happy to take part. Please some along to support it. Hey, even if you can’t come along, make a donation anyway!

Stay tuned for more rock ‘n’ roll