A random selection

Fire Up The Handcart
Neil Gowans

On a scale of one to awful, we’re not doing well
With our good intention paving stones we’re on our way to Hell
Somebody cut the cable, the steering wheel won’t work
We’re heading downhill at a rate of knots and here comes Dead Man’s Curve

So fire up the handcart, we’re on our way
Followed those lemmings to the edge of the cliff
It looks like we’ll be jumping anyway

Did you find a scapegoat? Somebody to blame
‘Cause if it’s somebody else’s fault then why not give us their name?
Who hid the grown ups? What did we do?
We’ve been stuck on this ship of fools and the tillerman, he doesn’t have a clue


I don’t know where we’re going
But I guess we’re having fun
Open up those loving arms
And watch out ,here we come


The Problem Is Mine
Neil Gowans

When I say I’m offended, I guess I’m only aggrieved
That somebody said something, and I didn’t agree
When I say that I’m angry, I guess I’m only annoyed
At this impotent fury, shouting into the void

There’s too much information
Buzzing all round my head
Everything that’s been written
Everything that’s been said
You know that most of it’s nonsense
Really not worth our time
But I guess that’s the problem
And the problem is mine

You know I’ve got an opinion, have you heard about those?
And I think it’s important, that everyone knows
What it is that I’m thinking, what it is that I feel
I’ve been on television so you know that I’m real

So what’s a man supposed to do?
With controversy heaving into view
Write another blogpost filled with ill-considered pub talk spilled
For all the world pretending that it’s true

Well I’ve got an opinion, and I wanted to share
Cos you know it’s important to tell the world that I care
So I signal my virtue, why don’t you signal yours?
With the click of a button, this rebel’s got cause

Tongue Tied
Neil Gowans

I don’t know if I’ve said enough or if I’ve said too much
Maybe I’d be fluent if we both spoke double Dutch
I’m kind of out of practise and I think I’ve lost my nerve
When it comes to protestations ‘bout this crazy thing called love

I don’t know if it’s catching but I find I’ve been struck dumb
When there are things I want to say my vocal chords go numb
My heart starts palpitating and I find it hard to think.
I want to say I love you but I have another drink

So by way of explanation there’re some things I’d like to say
I love you like a lunatic and I love you more each day
If my articulation leaves some things to be desired
Babe, I might be tongue tied but the rest of me’s inspired

I may not be Bill Shakespeare, Robby Burns or Johnny Keats
It doesn’t mean the love I feel is any less complete
If I had the wherewithal, I’d beg upon my knees
It’s more than love it’s madness, it’s the oxygen I breathe

So let’s hear it…, for the tongue tied

It Couldn’t Happen Here
Neil Gowans

I don’t suppose the years have been too kind 
Sometimes it feels as though you’ve been neglected 
And then you think your dreams have long since died 
No chance to see them being resurrected 

No armchair revolution came to pass 
Another night spent crying in your beer
It’s crazy but it’s true  
Those bad dreams have all come true 
I was told it couldn’t happen here 

You might think you’re standing on your own 
You might think you’re just a one man band 
You’d be surprised who’s standing at your side 
When you think it’s time to take a stand 

We all thought it couldn’t happen here 
I hope it’s not too late to realise 
That it would be a sin 
To make the same mistake again 
It’s time to open up our eyes 

They said it couldn’t happen here 
I think we’re badly misinformed 
I’m surrounded by the sound 
Of egotists and clowns 
Is it too late to shut that stable door 

Don’t let the bastards grind you down…..