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The World Alone
Neil Gowans

Is making love still more important than the football on TV
Does talking for hours on the telephone mean you’ve forgotten me?
Working late every night mean the sparkle’s gone
If we drink too much it doesn’t mean it’s all gone wrong

Being happy saying nothing, doesn’t mean there’s nothing to say
Don’t start to think too much when things don’t go our way
All that doubt & dumb confusion only gets you down
I never feel as good as I feel good when you’re around

Loneliness, needs a witness
Misery someone to talk to
I need someone I can lean on
Baby let me lean on you

So you can lean on me like I lean on you
Cos everybody needs a little help to make it through                         
You can do it alone but it’s easier with two
You don’t have to face the world alone……baby

With a bottle of wine and a favourite song I can paint any picture I please
I’m Michelangelo, Van Gogh and I’m Matisse
I’m a man with beautiful dreams and dreams that you make real
It doesn’t matter what I’m thinking just feel what I feel

Velvet Heart
James Richards

I’ve been waiting here lonesome  
I’ve been waiting for you
The seasons pass and it’s been broken
My velvet heart is black and blue

Bottles of wine flow like a river
And blur the memory within
I’ll sail the seas with an ocean breeze
& head for the shiny star in you

And I dream you’re coming back to me
Feel the velvet in my heart
Be forever, stay close to me
Feel the beating , the beating in my velvet heart

Some birds fly south in the winter
But they’ll return they always do
And when they do, they’ll sing for you
And I’ll be there loving  youThis Violet

This Violet
Neil Gowans

My opinions I have found, sometimes fall on stony ground
At least I know I have no right to judge
But judgement’s what you have in mind if you had one we could find
We all want you gone but you won’t budge

Making speeches, throwing shapes, the leader of the naked apes
Just who do you think you are impressing?
The stooges that you gather round, may think that what you say is sound
But I’m afraid I find it too depressingr

What’s inside that bigot mind that means that you can always find
A way that you can justify your thinking
What I do may not be much but I’ve a heart you’ll never touch
Today’s the day this violet stopped shrinking

But I won’t let you bring me down
Won’t be judged by some entitled clown
What I have may not be much                             
But I’ve a heart that you can’t touch
Just like Tom you know I won’t back down

The masters of the universe quote empty cant and bible verse
They twist the truth, till we can’t see what lies there
But lies aren’t working any more, because we’ve heard them all before
It’s innocence and youth that always dies there

Once I hid behind four walls and idly watched more murder called
Expedient political manoeuvre
Watched freedom crushed beneath the wheels of industry and business deals
What the hell am I listening to you for?

The Problem Is Mine
Neil Gowans

When I say I’m offended, I guess I’m only aggrieved
That somebody said something, and I didn’t agree
When I say that I’m angry, I guess I’m only annoyed
At this impotent fury, shouting into the void

There’s too much information
Buzzing all round my head
Everything that’s been written
Everything that’s been said
You know that most of it’s nonsense
Really not worth our time
But I guess that’s the problem
And the problem is mine

You know I’ve got an opinion, have you heard about those?
And I think it’s important, that everyone knows
What it is that I’m thinking, what it is that I feel
I’ve been on television so you know that I’m real

So what’s a man supposed to do?
With controversy heaving into view
Write another blogpost filled with ill-considered pub talk spilled
For all the world pretending that it’s true

Well I’ve got an opinion, and I wanted to share
Cos you know it’s important to tell the world that I care
So I signal my virtue, why don’t you signal yours?
With the click of a button, this rebel’s got cause

Now’s The Time
Neil Gowans

Patience is a virtue, not one of mine
I ‘m not the kind of person who’d happily wait in line
There’s a time for waiting but the time for waiting’s through
Now’s the time for serious business, the serious business of loving you

So if you’ve got the notion
Won’t you give me a sign?
You know I’m tired of waiting
So if you’re gonna love me baby now’s the time

We could talk all night, listen to me whine
We could set the world to rights but I haven’t got the time
There’s a time for talking but the time for talking’s through
Now’s the time for serious business, the serious business of loving you

So if you’ve got the notion
Won’t you give me a sign?
You know I’m tired of talking
So if you’re gonna love me, now’s the time
All this procrastination keeps on getting me down
If it’s so hard to make your mind up, perhaps you’d better find yourself another clown

Take Me Home
Neil Gowans

I don’t have to live inside the Big Rock Candy Mountain
Or lie beside a swimming pool out in the Hollywood Hills
I’ve been to Memphis, Tennessee, Montepulciano, Tuscany
New York City’s hustle had me reaching for the pills
I don’t need those cobalt seas or skies of perfect blue
Baby can’t you understand that I just want to be somewhere with you?

From Camden Town to Kilburn to the Severn river’s mouth
From Leytonstone to Balham, it’s the Gateway to the South
I once stayed in Birmingham but I soon after left
So packed my bags and took a train till I reached Hampstead West
From Manchester to Aberdeen from Edinburgh to Poole
Geography has never bothered this nomadic fool

Come on baby, I’m tired of being alone
Come on baby, won’t you take me home?

I’ve been around this great big world & never found a home
Surroundings just don’t matter if you find yourself alone
So keep your Alpine vistas and memories from abroad
You see a man of wealth and taste I see a man who’s bored
And the bats up in the belfry have been going deaf for years
I guess that they’ve been working hard at drowning out my tears

Tongue Tied
Neil Gowans

I don’t know if I’ve said enough or if I’ve said too much
Maybe I’d be fluent if we both spoke double Dutch
I’m kind of out of practise and I think I’ve lost my nerve
When it comes to protestations ‘bout this crazy thing called love

I don’t know if it’s catching but I find I’ve been struck dumb
When there are things I want to say my vocal chords go numb
My heart starts palpitating and I find it hard to think.
I want to say I love you but I have another drink

So by way of explanation there’re some things I’d like to say
I love you like a lunatic and I love you more each day
If my articulation leaves some things to be desired
Babe, I might be tongue tied but the rest of me’s inspired

I may not be Bill Shakespeare, Robby Burns or Johnny Keats
It doesn’t mean the love I feel is any less complete
If I had the wherewithal, I’d beg upon my knees
It’s more than love it’s madness, it’s the oxygen I breathe

So let’s hear it…, for the tongue tied