Club Wino VIII – Some more….

Just a little reminder to y’all that Friday 15th August will be your very last chance to see Cardinal Wino in their current configuration as Jonnie Drummer is hanging up his rock ‘n’ roll spurs. So come on down to The Underbelly in trendy-wendy Hoxton where we will have fine support from Tony Black & The Collectors and a rare London appearance from the fabulous Doctor Millar.

It will be unfeasibly lovely and the first 40 or so through the door get a free CD.

Rock and Roll I gave you all the best years of my life
All the dreamy sunny Sundays all the moonlit summer nights
And though I never knew the magic of making it with you
I thank the lord for giving me the little bit I knew

Yours Aye & Elvisly Yours

Cardinal Wino

Power pop 'n' roll of the highest order